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A Safe Construction Zone

A Safe Construction Zone

LOS ANGELES – With construction on the rise in Southern California, injuries are on the rise as well. Work site accidents have increased up to 25 percent in some areas and industry managers say it comes down to a simple equation: the more construction, the more danger. However, not everyone agrees with that assessment.

A new Canadian study assessed construction accidents in Ontario and found that unionized construction firms that valued safety reported 23 percent fewer lost-time claims than firms without unions. The data, compiled by the Institute for Work and Health reiterates the need for safety and oversight in work zones, according to a Los Angeles construction accident attorney at The Barnes Firm.

“Almost every accident can be prevented in Los Angeles,” construction lawyer John Sheehan said. “Statistics show that when a company provides the proper safety equipment, training and supervision, accidents can be minimized.”

The study found workers who have the backing of unions were 17 percent less likely to experience severe musculoskeletal injuries, which affect mobility, muscles, tendons, and nerves. The data showed unionized workers were also 29 percent less likely to suffer critical life-threatening injuries as the result of a workplace accident.

Researchers said they found that unionized workers were 35 percent more likely to file a ‘no lost-time claim.’ The study authors said this led them to believe that unionized workers were more likely to report injuries, even minor ones.

“Whether the injury is minor or severe, it’s important to file a claim immediately,” Sheehan said. “Minor injuries can sometimes persist and become more severe and, even though a worker may not need time off now, that injury could keep them sidelined in the future.”

Sheehan says a Los Angeles construction accident attorney at The Barnes Firm can help injured workers file their claims so they can receive the best possible results. The Barnes Firm offers free consultations for injured workers and attorneys are always available to answer your questions.

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