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Personal Injury Cases

The Barnes Firm Getting Results

$1.75 Million – Personal injury victim; details of this case are confidential.

Other Notable Personal Injury Verdicts & Settlements

Construction Accident

$3 million – Worker Falls from Scaffolding

A swarm of bees attacked a worker who was doing a job on a painting scaffold. The incident caused the worker to fall roughly 20 feet. After a construction accident attorney launched a legal investigation, it was discovered that the worker was not provided with ropes, safety belts or other safety devices that may have prevented the fall.

$2.2 million – Backhoe Accident

A backhoe crashed into a worker as he was climbing a ladder. A construction accident lawyer helped this victim get a $2.2 million settlement offer.

Amusement Park/Roller Coaster Accidents

$2.85 million – Roller Coaster Accident

A man was ejected from a roller coaster at a popular Six Flags theme park, in which the man was thrown through the air before landing on pavement.

A roller coaster accident lawyer prepared the case for trial, and a jury ordered the park to pay the injured rider $4 million.

Following the accident and lawsuit, the park added safety belts to the ride which could have prevented the accident. After an appeals process, this case was ultimately settled for $2.85 million.

The offer to settle was never more than $250,000 before a roller coaster accident attorney took the case to trial.