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Get To Know Los Angeles Injury Attorney Yoon Kim

I have been around Los Angeles for a lot of my life, even through my college years. I finished my undergraduate education at UCLA before venturing a bit west to Malibu for my JD at the Pepperdine University School of Law. Shortly after passing the Bar in California, I began my career as a personal injury attorney, an area of law that I was working in as a law clerk throughout my time in law school.

From my beginning through now with The Barnes Firm, I have become a senior trial attorney with a great deal of experience arguing a variety of different personal injury cases. Some of my specialty areas include car accidents, dog bites, and slip/trip and falls. However, Los Angeles is nothing if unpredictable, and so I remain ready at a moment’s notice to assist my clients with whatever personal injury tragedies have befallen them.

Over the course of my career, I have obtained several millions of dollars in favorable rulings and compensation on behalf of my clients. Each day, I am grateful for my opportunity to help victims of accidents and hardship achieve legal victory and recover from their suffering.

There are so many good restaurants in LA that I think it’s impossible to choose just one favorite. Some of my favorites that I’ll probably never get tired of are Park’s BBQ, Bludso’s BBQ, Red Bird, and Kantaro Sushi. A couple that no longer exist but still deserve shout-outs because I loved them when they were around are Beverly Soon Tofu and Baldoria.

A man got to have a code.

Childish humor gets me every time (e.g., flatulence, groin shots, etc.).

Most recently, Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama.

Being able to help and guide people through a difficult and stressful time when they’re hurt through no fault of their own.

The best way is to email me at Yoon.Kim@TheBarnesFirm.com or call our phone line at (800) 800-0000.