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How Long Do You Have to Visit a Doctor After a Car Accident?

How Long Do You Have to Visit a Doctor After a Car Accident?

The frightening experience of a car accident causes so many questions and concerns to suddenly rush to mind. We’ve all seen and heard about the experiences others have gone through in car accidents, but experiencing one yourself is entirely different. Your body and mind usually wind up in a state of shock, and cognitive thinking becomes more difficult.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, one of your most pressing concerns should be about getting proper medical attention. Although you might initially feel fine in the first couple of hours and days following your accident, it’s still a good idea to seek out care from a doctor. In the first few moments after your crash, your body releases adrenaline into your bloodstream to help deal with the shock from the impact. But once your body relaxes and the adrenaline wears off, that’s usually when the pain sets in.

It’s essential to go to the doctor after an accident as quickly as possible for two reasons. The first is to address your injuries so you can make a quick recovery. The second is to benefit your legal case for compensation.

How Soon Should You See a Doctor After Your Car Accident?

After a car crash, a top car accident lawyer at The Barnes Firm says it’s wise to see a doctor as soon as it’s safe to do so. Keep in mind that many injuries take a couple of days to reveal the full magnitude of your pain. Don’t wait until the pain and stiffness become unbearable. A doctor can prescribe medicine to help with the pain, along with treatment plans to aid your recovery.

The implications that delaying medical treatment can have on your legal case for compensation also highlights the importance of not waiting. You’ll likely speak to a claims adjuster with the insurance company following your accident. Still, the data and facts surrounding your accident determine how much compensation they’ll decide you’re entitled to. One of those facts is the amount of time you took to see a doctor, and whether it was a reasonable amount of time or not.

Most insurance companies believe 72 hours to be a reasonable amount of time for seeking medical care. If you wait longer than 72 hours, the amount of compensation insurance companies deem reasonable for you to receive might be reduced drastically because the insurance company might not believe that you were truly hurt.

Options for Medical Care if You Can’t See Your Primary Care Physician

Ideally, you’ll want to visit the primary care physician who is most familiar with your medical history. When that’s not possible, there are other options for getting the medical care you need. Visiting an urgent care center is a popular choice for immediate medical attention. It’s also not uncommon for urgent care centers to be open on the weekends and during holidays. Compared to an emergency visit to the hospital, this is usually a less expensive option that will suffice the insurance company’s maximum 72-hour threshold for seeking medical care. You might have to pay for the urgent care service initially, but you’ll be able to submit the bill to the insurance company for compensation.

Contact an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer Today

At The Barnes Firm, our goal is to help personal injury victims receive the maximum compensation possible to cover both medical and financial expenses after their accidents. That’s why we advise car accident victims to seek medical treatment immediately. The sooner you go, the quicker you can get the treatments you need, and equally important — get your injuries documented by a medical professional.

Visiting a doctor within the first 72 hours to satisfy the insurance company’s threshold on whether it was a reasonable amount of time is crucial. If you are still asking, “how long do you have to see a doctor after an auto accident?” and decide to wait longer, you can still receive compensation for your injuries with the help of a competent lawyer.

Contact the personal injury attorneys at The Barnes Firm to learn more about how you can gain maximum compensation for your car accident injuries. We’ve helped hundreds of car accident victims, and we can help you too. For your free case evaluation, fill out our form online or call today.

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