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How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Get Paid? Our Los Angeles personal injury attorney explains...

How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Get Paid?

How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Get Paid?

Many personal injury lawyers offer free consultations, and some law firms in your area, like The Barnes Firm, take it a step further – promising that you won’t pay anything unless they win your case. With promises like that, many people ask us, how do personal injury lawyers get paid?

Unlike many other personal law firms in your area, personal injury lawyers typically use what’s called a contingency fee.

What’s A Contingency Fee?

A contingency fee arrangement is different than an hourly-fee structure or even a flat-fee agreement.

With a contingency fee agreement, the attorney doesn’t get paid any fees unless and until the client’s case has been successfully resolved. If the personal injury attorney’s work doesn’t lead to the client receiving any compensation, then the attorney doesn’t get paid either. If the attorney’s successful and the client receives compensation or a financial judgment in their favor, the attorney’s fees are deducted from that amount.

The amount generally varies depending on the complexity of the case, and this should be a topic of discussion before signing a retainer.

Contingency Fee Arrangements are a Win-Win for Clients

With a contingency fee arrangement, there’s little risk for clients in pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. If such a lawsuit doesn’t lead to a judgment in the client’s favor, then that client won’t owe any attorneys’ fees on top of their other financial obligations. These arrangements also encourage attorneys to do their very best in representing their clients, as the attorneys’ paychecks depend on a successful outcome for the clients.

At The Barnes Firm, our contingency fee arrangement is calculated as a small percentage of the overall personal injury case settlement or verdict. This way, our clients can be assured that they’re getting the compensation they need to recover after an accident.

How Our No Fee Promise Can Help You

Many law firms may utilize other fee structures, and will sometimes charge their injured clients exorbitant fees for their legal services. At The Barnes Firm, our clients come first. Our experienced team of personal injury lawyers will fight to get you the best possible result — because that’s what you deserve!

With our No Fee Promise, you won’t owe us anything. If we win your case, our fee will simply be a small percentage of that settlement or verdict.

In addition to that, The Barnes Firm offers a FREE case review to explain your legal rights, answer your injury compensation questions, and explain how contingency fees benefit injury victims. This allows our clients to pursue their personal injury accident compensation without exposing themselves to significant financial risks.

Call us, or contact us online for a FREE case evaluation.

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