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The Hidden Costs of Flying: Injured on a Plane

SAN FRANCISCO – When searching for flights for the entire family, price is a major factor – but a new study warns that it shouldn’t be the ONLY factor.

After analyzing the 10 leading domestic airlines for price, convenience, headaches, and extras, researchers found that when shopping for flights, you get what you pay for. According to the study, the cheapest airlines often had late arrivals, bad cabin comfort, more instances of lost luggage, and an overall poor customer satisfaction rating.

For the most part, when flyers cut costs they’re also cutting precious leg room and adding more stress to their travels.

Study authors were quick to point-out that no airline does everything well, and there are always risks with flying – even when you’re paying top dollar.

Airplane crashes are relatively rare – and transportation experts agree that flying is one of the safest modes of transportation, but a Bay Area airplane injury lawyer at The Barnes Firm says many accidents occur in-flight, and they’re often not accounted for.

“Burns from hot drinks are actually the most common cause of injury on flights out of the Bay Area,” airplane injury attorney Landon Vivian said. “In many cases, airlines can be held responsible for these accidents because their flight staff is supposed to be well-trained, and the airplane itself should be safe for every passenger.”

According to doctors at MedAire, a company that provides medical services to airplane passengers, they can respond to more than 23,000 in-flight emergencies each year, 10-percent of which involve children under the age of 18.

Bay Area airplane injury lawyers say these emergency incidents can include injuries as a result of turbulence. Rough air can sometimes cause overhead bins to malfunction. This can be dangerous because falling luggage injures thousands of passengers every year, and service carts can slide around the cabin.

In some cases, service carts can weigh hundreds of pounds, and it’s the flight attendant’s duty to make sure passengers are out of harm’s way when these carts are being wheeled through the aisles.

“There are many things that can go awry on an airplane,” Vivian said. “Many of these accidents can be very similar to accidents that happen at home or work.”

Tripping and falling in airplane aisles is another common accident. This can happen in-flight or while boarding, or leaving the plane.

The airline’s duty to ensure passenger safety doesn’t end when you step on the jetway, either. Airports have been held responsible for accidents involving terminal escalators and baggage carousel malfunctions.

Safety advocates say most injuries that occur on an airplane are preventable, and in many cases, the airline can be held responsible for an accident.

If you or a loved one has recently been injured on a flight, contact the Bay Area airplane injury attorneys at The Barnes Firm today for a free case evaluation.

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