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Fatal Navy Helicopter Crash Caused by Mechanical Failure

Fatal Navy Helicopter Crash Caused by Mechanical Failure

San Diego, CA – A navy helicopter crash that killed five crewmembers on August 31, 2021, has been ruled a mechanical failure by the United States Navy.  

The investigation conducted by the U.S. Navy found a damper hose failed on the MS-60S Seahawk helicopter during flight. This hose reduces vibrations from the main rotor and the failure led to the helicopter experiencing severe vibrations when landing on the flight deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72). This caused the main rotor to strike the flight deck, flipping the helicopter off the side of the ship into the Pacific Ocean.  

The investigation found no evidence of pilot or aircrew error. The five deceased crew members were identified as Lt. Bradley A. Foster, Lt. Paul R. Fridley, Naval Air Crewman (Helicopter) 2nd Class James P. Buriak, Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Sarah F. Burns, and Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Bailey J. Tucker. 

Helicopter Accidents 

Helicopters are very complex vehicles and require the highest level of maintenance. In this devastating accident, a mechanical defect caused the deadly crash. Often, there may be more than one defendant whose actions had a role in the crash. An additional independent legal investigation may be required to evaluate all aspects of the crash and thoroughly examine the details of the case.

This may include reviewing:   

  • Helicopter maintenance history 
  • Helicopter design problems 
  • FAA Violations 
  • Repair or maintenance errors 
  • U.S. Navy’s investigation report 
  • Mechanical defects 
  • Supplier records  
  • Other problems with this model of helicopter 

Helicopter Accident Attorneys

At The Barnes Firm, our experienced and trusted team of attorneys have represented many families affected by aviation disasters and are available to help answer any questions.  

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