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Memorial Day in Los Angeles

Driving in Los Angeles For Memorial Day Weekend

Driving in Los Angeles For Memorial Day Weekend

Los Angeles is known for its heavy traffic throughout the year, but Memorial Day weekend sees even more congestion as people hit the road to celebrate the start of summer.

As hard as it is to believe that Los Angeles could see any more traffic, drivers need to be on high alert on roads like I-10, I-5, and US 101 freeways over the weekend. With loads of tourists and newcomers, Los Angeles car accident attorneys are warning drivers that roads will be even more hectic than usual.

Memorial Day should mark the start of summer, not the start of another dangerous an deadly driving season.

Use Traffic Apps

You can find a variety of traffic apps for your smartphone that update in real time, so you know exactly what the traffic conditions are like on the roads you’ll be driving. Check the traffic app before you leave to see if your route has any gridlocks. If so, you can plan to take a different road. Car Accident attorneys in Los Angeles always encourage using the least populated roads to avoid traffic congestion and any subsequent accidents.

Refrain from Cell Phone Use

Even if it’s hands-free, never use a mobile device behind the wheel. According to car accident attorneys at The Barnes Firm, distracted driving accounts for a significant share of car accidents even though the state of California has banned texting and driving. This emphasizes the cruciality of being aware of other drivers, even when you’re not personally using a mobile device behind the wheel.

Designate a “Designated Driver”

Ensure that you have an alcohol and drug-free driver – driving under the influence is unacceptable. If no one volunteers, utilize a rideshare arrangement like Uber or Lyft. The apps allow features like ‘Split Fare’ for equal payment options as well. Check out drunk driving statistics on The Barnes Firm website.

Remember Your Driving Fundamentals

Even with all your advanced planning, you might end up in the Los Angeles traffic mayhem. If so, don’t forget your driving fundamentals. Leaving at least three seconds between you and the vehicle in front of you should give you time to react. Especially with children in the car, ensure the whole family is buckled up. According to the NSC, about 159 lives can be saved during the holiday with seatbelt use.

When you’re heading out to enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, remember these driving tips from Los Angeles car accident attorneys to deal with traffic mayhem. If you do have an accident on the road, contact The Barnes Firm to get help with your case.

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