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A Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney explains why insurance alone may not get you the compensation you deserve

Do I Need a Lawyer if I Have Car Insurance?

Do I Need a Lawyer if I Have Car Insurance?

Many victims of car crashes ask us the question, Do I Need a Lawyer if I Have Car Insurance? A car accident attorney at The Barnes Firm explains that while insurance companies will inevitably be involved in the investigation of an accident and evaluation of physical injuries and property damage, car accident victims are easily taken advantage of by insurance companies, potentially resulting in insufficient coverage.

For example, an insurance company may claim you’re not entitled to a certain amount of compensation even if your insurance policy appears to indicate that you deserve that coverage and compensation.

What You Should Know from a California Car Accident Attorney

Even if an insurance company helps by paying for the cost to repair or replace a vehicle, they’ll still do what they can to limit the amount they have to pay someone following an accident.  Therefore, whether you have car insurance or not, you should consider speaking with a car accident attorney who can help with the insurance process and also with pursuing legal action that could reward you with significant compensation.

Insurance Matters Can be Confusing

Dealing with insurance companies is stressful, and the process is not always clear cut.  Even if an insurance company is being cooperative in handling an insurance claim, you may have questions that you simply cannot get answered without the help of an attorney.  Just as insurance companies want to save as much money as possible (as they are for-profit companies), they also may want car accident victims to know as little as possible about the insurance process.  By allowing a car accident attorney to help you with filing an insurance claim and potentially pursuing a lawsuit, you won’t have to worry about any misunderstandings involved in the process.

The bottom line is that you can certainly file an insurance claim on your own, but you should expect to get pushback on the amount of coverage available under your policy.  Insurance policies and corresponding documents are not always clear in explaining the amount of coverage available.  As such, you can avoid any discrepancies by working alongside a car accident attorney.

Focus on Recovery, not on the Stress of Working with Insurance Companies

If you were injured in a car accident, you want to worry only about recovering and receiving necessary medical treatment, as well as returning to work.  Worrying about an insurance claim may be the last thing on your mind, but it is something you will have to eventually address on your own unless you have an attorney to help you.  Placing trust in an experienced attorney can alleviate some of the stress associated with car accidents and the resulting injuries and property damage.

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