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You have so many questions right now. Thousands of Americans were wrongfully exposed and died due to the deadly COVID-19 virus.

Who’s responsible?

What can be done?

Why wasn’t my family protected from COVID-19?

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When the coronavirus pandemic came to the United States, “social distancing” became key to reducing the rate of infection. Many businesses deemed ‘non-essential’ were forced to temporarily close their doors. Other businesses remained open and allowed staff to work from home to help stop the spread. However, many other businesses remained open. Most of these ‘essential’ businesses quickly administered health and safety initiatives such as social distancing to reduce the risk of infection — for both employees and the people they serve.

Some businesses failed to act, and their negligence resulted in many lost lives.

Coronavirus cases emerged in places where people should’ve been protected. Places like nursing homes,  hospitals, prisons, and grocery stores were just some of the areas people contracted COVID-19, and lost their lives as a result.

These businesses failed to follow pandemic guidelines, and people suffered.

Coronavirus in Nursing Homes & Senior Care Facilities

The elderly and those with compromised immune systems are among the most at-risk populations. As such, nursing homes across the United States have a duty of care to protect residents and patients from highly contagious diseases, including COVID-19. However, many nursing homes failed to take swift actions to protect their employees and residents during the pandemic.

In areas that should have been contained, the sick and elderly quickly contracted coronavirus and spread the disease to others in their nursing homes. In most cases, this spread could’ve been prevented with common-sense guidelines such as social distancing, frequent hand sanitation and the usage of face masks.

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COVID-19 in Holding Centers

Despite being in confinement, many of those in holding centers, prisons and jails tested positive for COVID-19 and subsequently died from the virus’ effects. This has left family members grieving with many questions:

  • How do you catch coronavirus in a holding center?
  • Did holding centers have a plan to stop the spread of coronavirus?
  • How could a person infected with COVID-19 enter a holding center?

These are all questions holding centers and correctional facilities must be held accountable for.

Helpful COVID-19 Resources For More Information: – California Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

Labor & Workforce Development Agency (LWDA) – Coronavirus Resources for Employers and Workers

Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (Older Adults)

Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (Correctional and Detention Facilities)

Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (Racial & Ethnic Minority Groups)

Center for Diseases Control and Prevention

World Health Organization – Pandemic Guidelines

California Medical Association – COVID-19 Resources

*All third-party information is subject to change. Last updated on April 27th, 2020.

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