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  • 36%

The percentage of American households who own a dog.

  • 750,000

The annual number of people who require some form of medical attention due to injuries caused by dog bites.

  • 350,000

The number of people taken to the emergency room annually for injuries caused by dog bites.

  • Less than 1%

The percentage of attack victims who receive compensation from homeowners insurance companies and renters insurance companies without help from a lawyer.

That’s where San Francisco’s dog bite attorneys at the Barnes Firm can help. Your chances of a financial settlement improve substantially with defense attorneys specializing in dog bites.

Our goal as San Francisco’s dog bite attorneys isn’t in the courtroom; if possible, our defense attorneys will present your case to an insurance company without you having to go to court. We can assess your claim and your liability, and create your defense.

And since the lawyers at the Barnes Firm specialize in dog bite cases, they are highly experienced. San Francisco’s dog bite attorneys know all about statutes, ordinances, and codes on the state, county, and municipal levels, and will use their knowledge and experience to hold dog owners accountable.

Protect Yourself From Dog Attacks

Even the cutest, friendliest dogs can turn vicious in the blink of an eye. The best way to stop a dog attack is to prevent one in the first place.

Before You Approach Someone Else’s Dog

  • Never pet a dog without the owner’s permission. Make sure you don’t startle the dog; let the dog see you and sniff you before you pet it.
  • The old expression “let sleeping dogs lie” is good advice. If a dog is sleeping, eating, or tending to its puppies, leave it alone.

What To Do When Someone Else’s Dog Approaches You

  • Even if you feel threatened and are tempted to panic, do your best to stay calm. Don’t move or make loud noises.
  • Alert animal control if you see a stray dog behaving strangely.

What To Do When Someone Else’s Dog Starts To Attack You

  • Acting calm won’t always stop a dog from attacking. Dog attacks usually start with the dog trying to knock or drag a person to the ground.
  • To prevent this, use an item like a purse or jacket to form a barrier between yourself and the dog.
  • If this doesn’t work and the dog brings you down to the ground, curl your body into a fetal position with your hands over your ears and neck to protect your head.

Dog bites can result in several types of serious injury, including:

External Wounds

The sharp teeth of a dog can do severe damage to your appearance. Deep gashes and lacerations can be so serious that they often require stitches. Even with proper medical attention, permanent scarring and other forms of disfigurement may result. These physical injuries further jeopardize your health with the danger of infections they can cause.

Internal Wounds

Dog attacks have been known to cause damage to the nervous systems of victims, stemming from injuries to the brain or spinal cord.

Invisible Wounds

Even if you have no external or internal physical injuries, dog bites can cause trauma and other life-altering psychological damage. The shock and terror of an attack can linger long after physical wounds have healed.

What Victims Can Do After the Attack

  • After such a terrifying experience, it may be difficult to think clearly, but it’s crucial that you do your best to keep a clear head.
  • Your first priority should be your physical well-being. Have yourself treated by a medical professional as soon as possible.
  • While you receive medical attention, your physician will document your injuries. But for further documentation, get someone you trust to gather contact info from witnesses and take photographic evidence. You won’t want to think about the attack, but it’s in your best interest to describe what happened with as much detail as possible and have the trusted person write down the account you give.
  • Alert the dog’s owners, so they can take steps to prevent future attacks.

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If you or a loved one have had the misfortune of being one of those 750,000 we mentioned earlier, you may be entitled to compensation. The Barnes Firm, San Francisco Dog Bite Attorneys, will fight for your rights with lawyers specializing in dog bites.

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