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Every 90 minutes, a train accident will occur somewhere in the United States. Many people are surprised when they learn how often such accidents incidents happen.


The laws and regulations that govern train accidents and any train-related accidents and injuries are complex, making it critical to rely on the services of an attorney who is fluent with these laws.


At The Barnes Firm, our San Diego train accident lawyers have helped injured bystanders and passengers in dozens of train accident cases across the U.S. Our team of railroad injury attorneys has the experience and the track record of results to give you and your family the services you need.


If you or somebody you know has suffered an injury from a train-related accident, call San Diego train accident lawyers at The Barnes Firm today or contact us for a FREE case evaluation.


Federal Employees Liability Act

Train workers and railroad workers who have been hurt in a railroad crossing accident or other mishap due to another’s negligence may be entitled to additional compensation under FELA (Federal Employees Liability Act).


Learn more about FELA


Pedestrian Safety

Every year, there are over 2,000 train collisions that result in hundreds of fatalities or injuries. Some of these injuries affect pedestrians walking on or close to railroad tracks.


Pedestrian Safety Near Railroads


Railroad Grade Crossing

The Federal Railroad Administration estimates that there are thousands of train crashes every year, most of which involve a collision with a car, truck, or another vehicle in a railroad crossing accident. Such accidents result in hundreds of injuries every year, the majority of which can be avoided.


Why Railroad Crossing Safety Is Important


Train Accident Statistics

Besides the total number of derailments and collisions, there are many other statistics that should be of concern to those who live near and cross over railroad tracks daily. Some crossings do not have proper lighting, or have defective railroad gates. Other trains lack the proper safety features that are soon to be required by federal law.


More Train Accident Statistics Here


Car Safety Around Trains

Most train accidents occur at crossings, where a train will crash into a car or truck that is blocking the tracks. These railroad crossing accidents are entirely preventable, and our own safety analysts have made a number of recommendations.


How To React At Railroad Crossings


Railroad Derailments

A train derailment can happen for various reasons, most of which could be avoided with appropriate maintenance and up-to-date safety technology.


What Causes Train Derailments


Subway, Trolley & Light Rail Accidents

The San Diego train accident lawyers at The Barnes Firm have represented hundreds of injury victims across the United States, including those injured in cable car and trolley accidents, subway accidents, and light rail accidents.


Some subway and light rail accidents are the result of slips and falls at station platforms; however, these are not the most common causes underlying injuries.


What Causes A Subway or Light Rail Accident


Who is Liable in a Train Accident?

It’s possible for several individuals or even companies to be liable in the event of a train accident, depending on the circumstances of the event. In many cases, a train company may be found negligent in their actions, the owner of a railroad might have poorly maintained tracks, or the manufacturer of a locomotive may be liable for defects in the train’s design.


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To summarize, there are countless ways in which things can go wrong leading up to a train accident. Federal and state laws can add yet another layer of complexity to a train accident lawsuit.


That’s why it’s critical to always go over your case with a knowledgeable train accident lawyer. The Barnes Firm has helped many hundreds of train accident victims across the US get the best results possible from an injury claim, and our train accident lawyers are proud of the results we have achieved for our clients.


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