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New pharmaceutical drugs and medications are always being developed to help treat and cure various illnesses and medical conditions. Unfortunately, many of these drugs are put on the market with inadequate testing or without any testing at all. They are being prescribed and sold to unwary customers who consume the medication and then suffer unexpected serious injuries. When the big pharmaceutical companies value their profit margins more than the safety of their customers, innocent people can become victims of dangerous drug consumption. When safety is compromised, The Barnes Firm lawyers are the ones who will advocate for the victims!

At The Barnes Firm in San Diego, CA, our trusted attorneys understand the dangers associated with inadequately-tested prescription drugs; they are committed to protecting your rights and holding the big-pharma companies accountable for their actions. The dangerous drug lawyers at The Barnes Firm are dedicated to assisting victims and their families in and around San Diego get appropriate compensation for the surprising side effects and injuries caused by dangerous drugs.

Attorneys Taking a Strong Position on Dangerous Drugs

Many of the dangerous drugs that have caused injury to many customers were created with the best intentions; however, they were not ready for human consumption or did not have the correct safety labels or lists of potential side effects. Below is a sample of some of these medications. If you or a loved one has taken any of these medications and has suffered undue injuries as a result, call our expert San Diego drug attorneys at(800) 800-0000 today!


This popular erectile dysfunction drug contains sildenafil, which has the potential for dangerous side effects, including vision loss and blindness, hearing loss, and low blood pressure and heart problems. If you have experienced any of these problems, you may have grounds for a lawsuit and the dangerous drug attorneys at The Barnes Firm can help!


Januvia has been used as a prescription medication for those with Type 2 Diabetes. The FDA released a warning in 2013 that linked Januvia with pancreatic issues. Some of the serious side effects include pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis, hypoglycemia, heart failure, and persistent abdominal pain.


This popular prescription antidepressant has been prescribed to millions of individuals across the nation, including pregnant women. Zoloft has been linked in lawsuits to various congenital disabilities such as Autism, craniosynostosis, cleft palate, heart defects, and other issues.

There is an overwhelming number of drugs that are known to cause severe injuries that are off the market or still prescribed to patients. The Barnes Firm attorneys are familiar with these problems and welcome any client who has suffered an injury or illness as a result of prescription medications to consult them about a possible lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company responsible.

Our lawyers are not afraid of going toe-to-toe with the big pharmacy companies. In fact, we’ve taken on some of the country’s largest corporations – and we’ve won. If you or a loved one has endured pain or illness as a result of faulty medical devices or untested drugs, call the trusted dangerous drug lawyers in San Diego at The Barnes Firm for a FREE case evaluation.

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