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As one of the most utilized means of public transportation in major cities throughout the country, trains and subways are not immune to accidents or incidents of negligence. Whether you or a loved one require a team of experienced train accident lawyers in Oakland for an injury that occurred at the train station, or you’ve been involved in an accident while on the railroad, The Barnes Firm is at your service.

Our highly-knowledgeable Oakland train accident lawyers have both years of experience and a firm understanding of state and federal regulations surrounding injuries and accidents when trains are involved. There are countless reasons why a train accident may occur, and state and federal laws are complex when dealing with a train injury lawsuit. That is why it’s essential to partner with a legal team of personal injury experts, dealing specifically in California train accidents.

No matter if you’ve been injured in the subway, on a trolley, or while riding the light rail, when you’ve been involved in a train accident, our Oakland lawyers will fight to hold the responsible parties accountable and get our clients the compensation they both need and deserve. After a train accident or injury, you or your loved ones will most likely require significant medical attention and rehabilitative services which can be very costly. For this reason, our injury attorneys at The Barnes Firm provide our clients with the much needed legal support system to reach the most favorable outcomes in the event of a lawsuit.

Who Can Be Held Responsible When There Is a Train Accident?

Each year, thousands of pedestrians, passengers, and railway workers are injured or wrongfully killed due to faulty equipment and train operator negligence. After a train injury occurs, it’s vital to consult with professional legal experts who have both the experience and know-how to obtain the appropriate financial compensation following a train accident.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding any particular train injury case, there can be multiple individuals and companies which may be at fault or held liable in the event of a train accident. As the most trusted team of train accident lawyers in Oakland, The Barnes Firm will leave no stone unturned when finding out the facts of the case. Based on the findings of our railroad injury attorneys, the owner of the railroad may be held responsible for tracks that are unfit for service or lack proper maintenance. Sometimes, even the manufacturer of the train or the tracks can be held at fault when the train accident resulted from locomotive design defects.

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Whether you or a loved one has been the victim of a train derailment, or have even been injured while driving across a railroad crossing, our team of Oakland train accident lawyers has provided dedicated legal counsel to many injured passengers and bystanders in dozens of train accident cases across the state. When you turn to The Barnes Firm after being involved in a train accident or injury, you know that you’ve partnered with one of the most experienced teams of train accident attorneys nationwide.

Our team has the proven track record of results that you and your family need. If you or someone you know has been injured in a train accident, call us now or contact us for a FREE case evaluation today.

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