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    close up of a doctor with stethoscope and holding glasses

    How Long Do You Have to Visit a Doctor After a Car Accident?

    SAN DIEGO — The frightening experience of a car accident causes so many questions and concerns to suddenly rush to mind. We’ve all seen and heard about the experiences others have gone through in car accidents, but experiencing one yourself is entirely different. Your body and mind usually wind...

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    student driver with teacher

    How Often Do Student Drivers Get into Accidents?

    LOS ANGELES — When teens become student drivers, they’re getting their first taste of freedom and adulthood. Many times, teen student drivers are in a hurry to get their licenses and be off on the open road with their friends. Being in that rush, however, can cause new drivers...

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    woman driving and texting

    What’s the Top Driver Distraction?

    SAN FRANCISCO — Have you ever left work, driven home, and suddenly thought “How did I get home?” You can’t remember much of the drive, but there you are, parked in your driveway. It’s happened to all of us at some point and is the number one distraction while...

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    close up of a person buckling their seat belt

    Can I Sue For Compensation If I Wasn’t Wearing A Seat Belt?

    SAN FRANCISCO — The United States adopted federal seat belt legislation on January 1, 1968, which required all vehicles (except for buses) to be fitted with seat belts in all seating positions. Since then, seat belts have saved countless lives and reduced the severity of potential injuries in car...

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    8 simple steps to avoid injury in a car crash - man driving a car with view of the steering wheel

    Top 8 Ways to Prevent an Injury in a Car Crash

    Millions of car accidents take place each year in the United States taking tens of thousands of lives. Unfortunately, no matter how many safety features automakers are adding to their cars, driving and riding in a car will always carry some level of risk of injury or death. Some...

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    Our best personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles explains how to pay your medical bills after getting a personal injury settlement

    Do You Have to Pay Your Medical Bills from a Personal Injury Settlement?

    LOS ANGELES – Trips to the hospital and doctor come with a high price tag. Medical bills add up quickly, and if you’ve needed treatment for your injuries following a car accident, you’ll want to pay these off as soon as possible. You should never pay for treatment out-of-pocket...

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    view of a car's headlights on while driving on a road in the dark

    Do More Car Accidents Happen At Night?

    LOS ANGELES — The human eye relies on light in order to see, and at night our vision suffers. It can affect our ability to judge distance and speed when we’re in the car. We depend heavily on our sight to help us make quick driving maneuvers and situational...

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    What happens when you file a police report after an accident? A car accident lawyer in Orange County explains why filing a report is necessary

    What Happens When You File A Police Report After an Accident?

    ANAHEIM, Calif. — More than 6 million accidents happen each year, and every person will get into an average of 3 accidents in their lifetime. As a driver in the California, every day presents another chance of getting into an accident on the road. That’s why the best car...

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    Can You Sue For Future Earnings? A car accident lawyer in Riverside explains your legal options

    Can You Sue For Future Earnings?

    RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Following a car accident or other personal injury claim, it often takes time to recover from injuries. According to a car accident lawyer in Riverside, surgically repaired injuries take, on average, 3-4 months to heal. In some serious personal injury cases, the time it will take...

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    Does whiplash require a doctor? Our best car accident lawyer in San Francisco explains why it's a good idea to get medical treatment

    Does Whiplash Go Away By Itself?

    SAN FRANCISCO – Whiplash is one of the most common injuries that victims of a Bay Area car crash experience. The sudden jerking motion of your vehicle being pushed forward or backward can cause your neck to whip to and fro, resulting in a sprain – also known as...

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