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    San Francisco Airplane Injury Attorney describes the most common injuries passengers suffer on airplanes

    What Are The Most Common Injuries That Happen On Airplanes?

    SAN FRANCISCO — Most people may not worry about suffering injuries while on an airplane aside from the common fear that the airplane may malfunction and crash (although the odds of being involved in a plane crash are much less than those of being involved in a car accident). ...

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    Fatigue and Airplane Injuries

    LOS ANGELES – If you’re a frequent flyer, chances are you’ve been to Los Angeles International Airport. One airport attorney says more than 70 million passengers passed through LAX gates, and now — the airport is going through a multi-billion dollar renovation. The modernization will remodel the terminals with...

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    The Hidden Costs of Flying: Injured on a Plane

    SAN FRANCISCO – When searching for flights for the entire family, price is a major factor – but a new study warns that it shouldn’t be the ONLY factor. After analyzing the 10 leading domestic airlines for price, convenience, headaches, and extras, researchers found that when shopping for flights,...

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