How Car Crashes Can Affect Children

We know car crashes can be devastating for both individuals and their families but new research suggests that when there is a child injured in car crash, the effects can be long-lasting and sometimes, hidden beneath the surface. It’s now estimated that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can affect as...

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Ignoring This Raises Your Chance of Crashing

If you have sleep apnea, you know it’s important to regularly follow your treatment program – but many people don’t and it raises the risk of crashing, a new study found. Researchers are concerned truck drivers are picking up these bad habits. Big rigs are some of the most...

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The Chase

LOS ANGELES – If you’ve ever witnessed a police chase in person, it can be a terrifying event. A driver on the run is a dangerous and unpredictable person and after dozens of injuries, the Los Angeles Police Department may review its pursuit policy. More than 70 people were...

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A Dangerous Intersection

LOS ANGELES – If you live in Southern California, you know how crowded it can get on the streets, roads and highways. More than 7-million vehicles are registered in Los Angeles County alone (no wonder why there’s so much traffic!) and every year, car accident investigators log thousands of...

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Oakland Warehouse Fire Kills Several, More Missing

OAKLAND, Calif. – A fire destroyed a two-story warehouse and studio during a Friday night party in Oakland. The blaze killed at least nine people and a day later, about two dozen are missing, the city’s fire chief said. Oakland Fire Chief Teresa Deloach Reed told CNN dozens of...

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Every Hour of Lost Sleep Increases Your Risk of Crashing

You know driving drunk or getting distracted by a text message is a huge safety risk because these activities are illegal in all states. But far too many Americans aren’t waking up to another reality: driving drowsy can be just as dangerous. According to a new report published by...

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Most Trauma Injuries Happen At Home or In the Car

LOS ANGELES – Millions of Americans suffer injuries every year and almost every person is likely to suffer an injury at some point in their life. Some of these accidents can be deadly too; over 136,000 people are killed as a result of unintentional injuries each year – the...

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Study: Truck Drivers’ Health Linked to Crash Risk

LOS ANGELES – Millions of Americans have medical conditions ranging from minor side effects to life-threatening seizures. Although these conditions rarely occur, they can be brought-on at any moment – even when you’re driving. Medical conditions are some of the top causes of truck crashes today, and many truck...

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No Symptoms? A Concussion Can Still Impair Your Driving

Roughly 4-million Americans suffer a concussion every year – and that’s just from sports. Millions more suffer a concussion in a car crash and other work-related accidents, and doctors are just beginning to find out how devastating a brain injury can be. A new study by University of Georgia...

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In a Jam

LOS ANGELES – There are so many things residents and visitors love about L.A., but everyone agrees the traffic isn’t one of them. In fact, drivers spent over 100 hours in SoCal traffic jams last year, more than any other city in the world. Traffic across America is a...

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