A Safe Construction Zone

LOS ANGELES – With construction on the rise in Southern California, injuries are on the rise as well. Work site accidents have increased up to 25 percent in some areas and industry managers say it comes down to a simple equation: the more construction, the more danger. However, not...

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Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

LOS ANGELES – If you’ve ever been on the Interstate 10 on Friday afternoon, you know what people hate about living in southern California. Rush hour traffic in the Southland seemingly lasts all day and sometimes all evening. Los Angeles car accident attorneys say there are several reasons behind...

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4th of July Travel Advisory

OAKLAND, Calif. – Expect lengthy delays on highways around the nation for the Fourth of July weekend, which is expected to last from Thursday, June 29th through Tuesday, July 4th. In Northern California, Bay Area bridges could present some of the longest delays, even during off hours. An Oakland...

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Swapped Surgery Tools May Have Given Patients Hepatitis, HIV

SAN FRANCISCO – Thousands of surgery patients received a disturbing notice this week, informing them that they may have been exposed to hepatitis or HIV. Many were wondering how this could happen at more than six trusted hospitals with skilled surgeons. A federal investigation revealed one person was likely...

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Construction Zones Need to Practice Safety

You’ve heard the phrase before: “safety first!” Many construction companies say safety is their number-one priority but every year more than 4,000 construction workers are killed on the job and thousands more are hurt in a construction accident. Construction companies are required by law to inform workers of all...

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Doctors: This Common Grilling Item is a Hazard

SAN DIEGO – It’s spring! Time for you to take out the grill and fire-up some burgers and sausages — but as you’re cleaning the grill for the first time this year, doctors are warning about rare but serious injuries caused by grill brushes. A San Diego defective product...

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Takata Inflator Linked to 10th US Death

SAN JOSE, Calif. – A high school senior following what many safety experts call a ‘minor car accident.’ Authorities at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration say the teen bled to death as a result of a defective airbag. The 17-year-old girl, driving a 2002 Honda Civic, became the...

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Higher Speed Limits Often Cause More Crashes

When investigating a crash, law enforcement officers often take your speed into account. For years, police have connected high speeds to serious, often deadly crashes. Despite being a common crash-factor, many governments have upped the limits on highways and roads. A new study conducted by the Insurance Institute for...

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Snapchat Filter Blamed for Crash

In the world of selfies, filters and face-swaps, it’s just harmless fun. But for many people that ‘fun’ can get real dangerous, real fast. In one case, 107 mph-fast. According to a new lawsuit, an 18-year-old woman crashed her father’s Mercedes while trying to exceed 100 mph on Snapchat’s...

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Another 35-40 Million Air Bags Recalled

Takata has agreed to recall another 35 to 40 million air bags, an increase that will double what was already the largest auto recall in history. Takata, which once held 20 percent of the worldwide market, will now bring back as many as 69 million air bag inflators. The...

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