man laying on the ground after a construction accident

4 Scary Facts About Construction Accidents In San Francisco

Working in the construction industry is no easy job (you knew that already). The work is physically demanding, there are deadlines to meet, and it’s stressful! After all, if you don’t place a screw just right, the whole building’s structure could be in jeopardy. On top of all that,...

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caution wet floor sign in a grocery store to help prevent slip and fall accidents

Slip and Fall Accidents in Los Angeles: How Can I Prove Fault?

More than one million people go to the emergency room every year because of a slip and fall accident. Slip and fall injuries can vary from fractures to sprains to more serious injuries, and sometimes death. That means medical bills, time away from work, and pain and suffering. All of which...

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point of view of a rider on a motorcycle

Is it Safe to Drive a Motorcycle in Oakland, California?

Many people say there’s no feeling quite like being on a motorcycle, cruising around in the beautiful Bay Area. Currently, over 8.4 million people own and drive motorcycles, and there are more registered two-wheeled vehicles in California than in 49 other states. Only Florida has more motorcycles on the roads. An...

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heavy traffic in california, road filled with cars

Why Are San Francisco and Oakland Two of the Worst Cities to Drive In?

Do you commute by car around the San Francisco or Oakland area? If so, you’re driving in two of the worst cities to drive in. If you’re only visiting the Bay Area, you might not realize how bad this problem has gotten until you experience it! It seems like...

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Xlite Barrier ends banned

Thirteen States Across America Remove Controversial X-Lite Guardrail Heads from Highways After Accidents Raise Safety Concerns

After multiple tragic car accidents across the country resulted in fatalities due to guardrail heads spearing cars and taking them off the roads, thirteen states are responding by banning the Lindsay X-LITE end caps from state highways. Linday’s X-LITE guardrail heads The Federal Highway Administration first approved the X-LITE...

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The Barnes Firm Jingle Contest Lives On!

In partnership with iHeart Media, California car accident attorneys The Barnes Firm held a Jingle Contest in July. We were lucky to have over 260 amazing entries submitted from all over the Los Angeles, San Diego, and Bay areas. Our winner, Jordyn Dodd-Waddington’s video can be viewed here: and other...

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man on the ground next to a motorcycle after being in an accident

What Steps Should I Take After Getting in a Motorcycle Accident in San Diego?

It’s hard to argue with the coolness and convenience of riding a motorcycle. You also pay less at the fuel pump and have less impact on the environment. Even so, you need to know what to do in case you end up in a motorcycle accident in San Diego. According to...

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man on the ground next to a car after a drunk driving accident in los angeles

What Steps Do I Take If I Was Hit by a Drunk Driver in Los Angeles?

Drunk driving is a serious problem in California, with millions of deaths and injuries resulting from impaired drivers over the past decade. According to a Los Angeles car accident attorney, the risk of an accident may be even higher in Los Angeles, where the downtown nightlife and large population creates a huge...

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scooter accident san francisco

Do You Need a License and Insurance to Drive a Scooter in San Francisco?

With over 800,000 motorcycles registered in California, it’s hard to quantify how many there are when you factor in scooters, mopeds, and electric bikes. Pretty much anything on wheels could be dangerous to you or pedestrians if you’re not careful. If you’re asking, “do scooters need insurance in San Francisco”,...

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medical malpractice lawyer san francisco

Can You Sue After Suffering Side Effects from a Prescription Drug?

The FDA estimates that as many as 98,000 medical malpractice related mistakes cause deaths in hospitals every year. Of those deaths, over 7,000 are due to doctor prescribed drug-related issues. If you or a loved has suffered from negative side effects of prescribed medication in, you may be wondering if you...

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