Los Angeles Fire Causing Traffic Mayhem

LOS ANGELES – A Los Angeles car accident attorney is warning drivers to expect more traffic – and accidents – as wildfires continue to encroach on Southern California communities, towns and the city of Los Angeles. Officials ordered more evacuations on Wednesday as a handful of wildfires blaze across...

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Despite Safety Tech, Crashes Are Up

LOS ANGELES – As automakers begin rolling-out their 2018 models, new safety tech is one of the prominent selling points. More cars will come with back-up cameras as a standard option, automatic braking systems will be more prevalent and carmakers will continue to release automated features that promise to...

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Most Drivers Drive Angry

LOS ANGELES – This may come as a surprise to you (but it might not if you’re constantly battling traffic on the I-10 in Santa Monica): 80 percent of drivers have expressed anger behind the wheel in the last year. This information stems from a new AAA study that...

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Take 5

LOS ANGELES – It’s all about putting in your time and collecting that paycheck. Just ask Rihanna and Drake; everything seems to be about work, work, work, work, work, work. Putting in overtime could be great for your wallet but a new study says it’s terrible for your health....

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BAC: How Many Beverages it Takes

As personal injury lawyers, we see the dangerous and sometimes deadly effects of drunk driving. The guilty party often tells their friends, family and even the police that they are okay to drive… but they usually aren’t. Not only do they risk being taken to jail; drunk drivers also...

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This is Probably the Worst Freeway in the US

LOS ANGELES – Clearly, you’ve read the title of this article. Is it such a surprise that the location is Los Angeles? Nah. If you’ve ever been in L.A. you know traffic dictates your life. Every Los Angeleno plans their days, weeks and years around traffic. According to TIME,...

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Compromising on Safety

LOS ANGELES – Everyone wants to have the safest car. After all, we aren’t just putting ourselves in that vehicle; we’re also hauling our families and children. Safety is important. Until it costs extra. Some newer safety features like automatic brakes do not come standard in most 2017 models,...

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How to Make Your Baby’s Room Safe

Many companies continue to sell dangerous baby products, including bumper pads and sleep positioners know there are risks associated with their products but they keep selling them… and parents keep buying them. In fact, a new study conducted by the Penn State College of Medicine found that 91 percent...

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When Exercise Equipment Hurts Your Health

Getting into the gym is supposed to be good for you. But every year, thousands of people fall off treadmills, trip on equipment or push themselves too far. Gym accidents can often result in strained or torn muscles, broken bones and in some cases, an accident at the gym...

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Remembering Those Lost in California Bus Crash

LOS ANGELES – A lone palm tree on the corner of Vermont Avenue and Olympic Boulevard was surrounded by votive candles and decorated with notes, pictures and flowers. “Rest in peace,” one note reads in Spanish. Dozens of friends, family and neighbors started the growing memorial on Monday to...

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