An LA Dog Bite Lawyer at The Barnes Firm explains why dog bite incidents and attacks spike during the summer months

The Dog (Bite) Days of Summer

Dog bite incidents can happen during any time of year, but they usually reach higher levels during the summer months, a dog bite lawyer said. Certain populations are more at risks for these attacks, including mail carriers and children, and people should be aware of some safety measures they can...

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Our best truck accident lawyers in Los Angeles explain why your risk of getting injured may be higher in the summer

Events Leading to Trucking Accidents this Summer

LOS ANGELES — Trucking accidents are known for causing extensive vehicle damage and serious injuries. Some of The Barnes Firm’s best truck accident lawyers in Los Angeles say accidents can be more common during the summer due to a number of events that raises your risk on the roads....

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The Barnes Firm's best car accident lawyers in Los Angeles explain what makes summer a dangerous time to be on the roads

Five Reasons Car Accidents Rise During the Summer

Summer is many people’s favorite time of year and understandably so. The days are filled with copious sunshine, swimming, and cookouts. Summer can also mean a more dangerous experience on the roads. Each year around the country, traffic accidents tend to increase in the summer months, with car accidents...

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If you've been hit by a car while on a bicycle, The Barnes Firm will put their best bike accident lawyer in San Diego on your case. Call us for a free consultation

Bicyclists at Greater Risk in Summer Months

Bicycling is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to driving, especially in cities where people live within a bike ride’s distance from work and entertainment. Biking is an excellent way to exercise and often a more convenient option for travel. However, a bike accident lawyer says cyclists can be at...

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A car accident lawyer in Oakland says the summer months are the most dangerous time for teens to be driving

Teenagers at Highest Risk of Deadly Car Accidents During the Summer

During the summer months, when most students in the U.S. are on break from school, teenagers are at an increased risk for deadly car accidents. A car accident lawyer with The Barnes Firm says the summer has the highest number of fatal teen driving accidents every year, and 100...

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A motorcycle accident lawyer in San Jose explains how to stay safe in what can be a dangerous time to ride: Summer

Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents During the Summer

Many Californians and people across the U.S. choose to do their traveling by motorcycle during the summer. A motorcycle accident lawyer says summer weather can be ideal for riding, and the increase in motorcycles on the roadways leads to more motorcycle accidents. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)...

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A Los Angeles car accident lawyer explains what the 100 Deadliest Days of Summer are, and how to avoid an accident

What Are the ‘100 Deadliest Days’ for Car Accidents?

Every year, as we approach the long days of summer, car accidents in America become more frequent. Summer’s higher accident rate is so pronounced that it has been dubbed the “100 Deadliest Days” by safety experts. What are the 100 Deadliest Days, and why do accidents increase during this...

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If you've been injured by a distracted driver, an experienced Oakland car accident lawyer can help. Call The Barnes Firm today

Distracted Driving Remains a Problem in U.S., California

Rates of distracted driving on America’s roadways surged in the 2000s, driven largely by the rise of the smartphone. And while state governments and national safety organizations have attempted to tackle the problem, an Oakland car accident lawyer says distracted driving remains a prevalent threat to American motorists. National...

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If you've been injured in a crash, let a San Diego car accident lawyer at The Barnes Firm take a look at your case for FREE

California Car Accidents: Statistics and Causes

California – Traffic collisions are the leading cause of unintended death in the state of California. Vehicle accidents have been trending upward in the state for a number of years, and recently, California topped the list of states with the most traffic crashes. A car accident lawyer at The...

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The Barnes Firm has personal injury lawyers in San Diego that can help you get the best result possible from a claim

3 Tips to Remember When Considering a Personal Injury Claim

The choice to pursue a personal injury claim is a decision that should be well-thought-out and carefully considered after any accident leaves you injured. Knowing whether or not you have a strong enough personal injury case on your hands is tougher than some would think. Making matters more difficult,...

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