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Beware of Dangerous Cosmetic Products Around Your Children

Beware of Dangerous Cosmetic Products Around Your Children

Children and dangerous chemicals in the home don’t mix. Most (if not every) parent knows to keep things like gasoline, paint thinner, bleach, and powerful cleaning products away from their children. However, how much attention do parents pay to their cosmetic products? A personal injury lawyer says some household products marketed as ‘safe’ items can be just as dangerous to children as known poisons and toxins.

Cosmetic-Related Injuries in Children by the Numbers

A recent study published in the Clinical Pediatrics journal looked at data collected on children under the age of five who were brought to a hospital’s emergency room after a cosmetic-related injury. Over a five-year span, the statistics show:

  • About 65,000 children suffered a cosmetic-related injury;
  • Approximately 4,000 children were brought to an emergency room each year because of a cosmetic-related injury;
  • Most of the harm children suffered was minor, but about one out of every 15 children brought to the emergency room needed to be hospitalized;
  • Children who were younger than two were more likely to be hospitalized than older children in the study;
  • Some of the more common cosmetic products that led to emergency room visits included products for hair (like hair relaxers and hair wave products), nails, and skin (perfume/cologne and sunscreen);
  • Nail polish remover was the most common “poison” seen in emergency rooms, while perfume, cologne, and fragrances contributed to the most eye injuries seen in the study; and
  • Nearly every injury incident (almost 99 percent, according to the study) occurred in the home.

The study suggests that young children may be especially prone to consuming or improperly using cosmetic products because some cosmetic products have an attractive color or odor and/or children want to emulate their parents and other adults they see using these products.

Safety Tips for Cosmetics and Children

To reduce the likelihood of children suffering burns, poisoning, or other injuries as a result of dangerous cosmetics, a personal injury lawyer recommends that parents store cosmetics like you would other dangerous household products:

  • Place them in locked cabinets and drawers
  • Keep them out of the reach of children
  • Be careful about disposing of their cosmetic products
  • Read the warnings and instructions for usage

These steps can help you keep your children safe from cosmetics, even if they’re marketed as ‘safe for children.’

What About “Organic” or “Non-Toxic” Cosmetics?

Some parents of young children may gravitate toward cosmetic products that have the words like “organic,” “non-toxic,” or “safe” on their labels, believing that these products won’t cause injury to their children. A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer says some of these labels may be misleading, though! Many of these labels can’t be substantiated or they’re outright false. Some brands that are known for having “organic” or “natural” products may actually contain chemicals that can be harmful if consumed or used improperly.

While children need first aid and (in some cases) medical intervention following a cosmetic product-related injury, parents should consider whether any of their legal rights have been infringed. Manufacturers who don’t label their products accurately or who don’t warn of potential dangers may be found responsible for any medical costs or other expenses associated with an injury or illness.

What To Do If Your Child Gets Hurt

First, it’s crucial for all parents to be safe with your cosmetics if you have young children in your home. Treat them as you would any other potentially dangerous substance by keeping it away from children and disposing of it properly. In so doing, you can continue to enjoy your favorite mascara or lipstick and continue using that brand of sunscreen your family is used to without the worry of having to make an unexpected trip to the hospital emergency room.

However, accidents can still happen. If a family member ever suffers an injury or illness after using or accidentally ingesting a cosmetic product, you should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer who can help investigate your claim, and recommend a process that could help you recover the best possible result.

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