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Back-to-School Traffic Jams

Back-to-School Traffic Jams

Automotive nuisances can pop up anywhere and for a variety of reasons, the back-to-school season certainly doesn’t help alleviate the traffic congestion that leads to gridlock. The car accident lawyers with The Barnes Firm are here to explain how traffic jams in and around school zones can be dangerous for you and your child, and what you can do to remain safe.

Traffic Congestion in School Zones – A Volatile Situation

Everyone can relate to the emotions that arise when you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam: Anger. Frustration. Exhaustion. Anxiety.

Relax! When someone is not thinking clearly and rationally due to a traffic jam, a car wreck, bus crash, or pedestrian accident is certain to happen:

  • Drivers who are late in dropping their kids off at school or in making it to work may drive aggressively by speeding, cutting other traffic off, and trying to “beat” traffic signals;
  • Children or parents in a hurry to get to school may dart out into the street without first looking to see if traffic has started to move; and/or
  • Drivers who are distracted by their cell phones, other drivers, or a lack of sleep (among a variety of possible factors) may not see traffic that is stopped in front of them.

Sometimes the most dangerous thing about traffic jams is not the other vehicles but the drivers of those vehicles. “Road rage” can overcome a person and cause them to become physically violent and dangerous toward others. The fact that the traffic jam may be due to a nearby school zone doesn’t protect you from all acts of violence nor all careless choices made by drivers.

What To Do If You’re in a School Zone Traffic Jam

Just as students heading back to school need to make plans for how they’ll complete their homework and satisfy their other obligations, parents and other motorists traveling through school zones can benefit from thinking ahead and devising a plan for making it through a school zone traffic jam safely:

  • Plan ahead to avoid delays: School zones are at their busiest in the morning before school starts and then in the afternoon when school lets out. If at all possible, plan to either avoid these zones during these busy times or to give yourself extra time to navigate any traffic jams that may occur;
  • Remain engaged with your surroundings: The car in front of you may move only an inch, but its movement can surprise you or other drivers and make you think for a split second that traffic is moving again. Unfortunately, this momentary err in judgment can lead to a traffic collision. Avoid this unnecessary outcome by keeping a watchful eye on your surroundings and move slowly until traffic begins to clear.
  • Don’t engage other angry drivers and try not to provoke a confrontation: While you may be able to control your emotions and frustrations, others may not have such control. If you see others who appear to be angry or driving aggressively, it’s best to keep distance between you and them and to allow them to proceed.

What If I Get In A Car Accident?

Where there’s traffic, there’s a higher chance of a car accident.

If you’ve been injured because of another driver’s negligence, it’s crucial to first get immediate medical attention. Research has shown that the faster a person receives medical treatment, the faster their injuries can heal.

But medical bills are expensive! Yes, hospitalization can take a toll on innocent families injured in accidents. However, there are laws in place that can protect you and allow you to recover compensation from the guilty driver’s insurance policy. These are often complicated claims that require the knowledge and experience of  car accident lawyers. At The Barnes Firm, it’s what we focus on: accident cases and maximizing the compensation owed to our clients.

When a traffic accident impacts you or your family members, one of the best calls you could make is to a team of experienced car accident lawyers. Call us or contact us online for a FREE case evaluation.

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