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4th of July Travel Advisory

4th of July Travel Advisory

OAKLAND, Calif. – Expect lengthy delays on highways around the nation for the Fourth of July weekend, which is expected to last from Thursday, June 29th through Tuesday, July 4th.

In Northern California, Bay Area bridges could present some of the longest delays, even during off hours. An Oakland car crash lawyer at The Barnes Firm says more than 44 million Americans are expected to travel this weekend, making roads and highways congested – and dangerous.

“This is forecasted to be the most traveled Independence Day holiday ever, and it’s already one of the most dangerous weekends to be on the road in Oakland,” car accident lawyer Landon Vivian said. “Whenever there’s an increase in traffic, accidents tend to rise too – but this holiday weekend poses many other hazards, including distracted drivers and drivers under the influence.”

The National Safety Council estimates nearly 600 people will be killed in traffic collisions over the Fourth of July holiday period, and nearly 70,000 others will be injured in crashes.

It’s the highest estimate the Council has issued since 2006.

What’s worse is that a new report has found that preventable deaths, such as car accidents, have reached an all-time high.

“This four-day weekend poses many dangers – not only behind the wheel, but at home too,” Vivian said. “From grilling accidents to malfunctioning fireworks, there are many ways to end up in the hospital with costly medical bills.”

The Oakland car accident lawyers at The Barnes Firm and safety advocates around the country are urging travelers to use extreme caution this weekend. Aside from the obvious safety tips (don’t drink and drive, wear a seat belt, leave fireworks to a professional), an Oakland personal injury lawyer says the following tips could help you and your family avoid serious injury this weekend:

  • Slow down. Speed is a common factor in holiday weekend crashes. Slowing down gives you more time to react to a possible hazard.
  • Get some rest! Four day weekends should be a time to rest-up, but too many Americans stay out late and drain themselves before a long trip home – BAD IDEA!
  • Check for vehicle recalls. Things can take a turn for the worst if just one part malfunctions. Aside from air bag recalls, several models have open recalls for faulty brakes, head rests and more.
  • Do NOT allow teens to drive with their friends. Adding just one more teen to the passenger list increases a teen driver’s crash risk by nearly 50%
  • Use a new grill brush. Every summer, dozens of people are hospitalized for ingesting metal grill bristles that fall off old grill brushes.
  • PLAN. Perhaps the most important tip, planning can keep your family on schedule, allowing you time to focus on their health and safety

The Oakland car accident attorneys at The Barnes Firm focus on helping accident victims get the best results possible from an injury claim. If you or a loved one is injured in an accident over the Fourth of July weekend, know you aren’t alone – and there are ways to get help.

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