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12-year-old Bicyclist Injured by Minivan

12-year-old Bicyclist Injured by Minivan

Levittown, NY – A 12-year-old boy was hospitalized after being struck by a minivan near the intersection of Bucket Lane and Grassy Lane. The crash happened on Monday, May 30, 2022, around 11:45 a.m. 

According to police, the boy was transported by Nassau police helicopter to an area hospital. The cause of the crash is under investigation. 

Bicycle Accidents 

Last year, over 1 million children were hospitalized for bicycle-related accidents. In this accident, the family of the injured teen should have their investigative team evaluate all aspects surrounding the crash. This includes reviewing:  

  • Vehicle blind spots  
  • Driving records  
  • Driver accident history  
  • Any video evidence of the crash 
  • Police accident reports  
  • Any testing of driver for drugs and alcohol  
  • Any history of driver with drugs and alcohol  
  • Phone and texting records of the driver  
  • Inspection of intersection  
  • Accident history at the intersection  
  • Evaluation if road is striped per code  
  • All eyewitness accounts of the accident  

Bicycle Accident Attorneys

As one of America’s largest injury law firms, The Barnes Firm has helped many clients injured in bicycle accidents and have found that some common causes include: 

  • A car turning directly in front of a bicyclist   
  • A vehicle entering the street from a driveway or parking lot   
  • Driver distracted by their phone   
  • Driver fails to yield at an intersection (running a stop sign or traffic light)   
  • Driver not paying attention while driving near a bicyclist  
  • Driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs   

At The Barnes Firm, our experienced and trusted attorneys have helped more than 50,000 clients get the best possible result for their case. From the first phone conversation through to the final settlement, the team of attorneys at The Barnes Firm will work hard for you every step of the way. 

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Location of Crash – Bucket Lane and Grassy Lane

Bucket Lane and Grassy Lane





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