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The Lowdown on “Low-T” Treatments

LOS ANGELES – You may have seen the commercials for something called TRT, short for testosterone replacement therapy. Several manufacturers promise their drug cocktails will make aging men feel more alert, energetic, more youthful, and have a better functional life in the bedroom.

It sounds good on paper but some men who were prescribed this daily prescription may tell you otherwise. Even scientists with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are concerned with the widespread use of testosterone supplements.

Los Angeles dangerous drug attorneys at The Barnes Firm say there are several lawsuits against drug companies and manufacturers claiming “low-T” supplements are not as safe as the companies lead consumers to believe.

“More than 2 million men were prescribed low-T supplements last year and many of these men are in Los Angeles,” dangerous drug attorney John Sheehan said. “Most men on TRT may not even need the treatment but doctors are giving it to them anyway.”

This could expose thousands of men to dangerous side effects and there are concerns about whether testosterone treatments are safe for the heart. The concerns were brought to the FDA, which created new rules that force manufacturers to print stronger warning labels on these products.

Researchers claim ( they found a ‘significant link’ between TRT and heart attack risks after studying thousands of older men who had been using these low-T drug cocktails.

“The number of lawsuits against these pharmaceutical companies continue to grow,” Sheehan said. “Over a thousand cases have already been filed by men who say these drugs caused heart problems.”

These cases are now pending in federal court and Los Angeles dangerous drug attorneys say they expect more lawsuits to be filed before a judgement is made.

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