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Most Drivers Drive Angry

LOS ANGELES – This may come as a surprise to you (but it might not if you’re constantly battling traffic on the I-10 in Santa Monica): 80 percent of drivers have expressed anger behind the wheel in the last year.

This information stems from a new AAA study that analyzed driver behavior across the nation. The study also found that a whopping eight million drivers exhibit what’s known as “road rage behavior,” which can include getting out of a vehicle to confront another driver.

A car crash lawyer in Los Angeles says road rage is one of the most dangerous behaviors on the road today.

“Road rage can not only be the cause of car crashes – it can lead to more serious and possibly criminal charges in Los Angeles,” car accident lawyer John Sheehan said. “Traffic can be frustrating but your life and lives of others are on the line every time you put the car in drive, so it’s important to keep your cool.”

The AAA study found that more than half of the drivers on the road have admitted to ‘purposefully tailgating’ another vehicle. When you crunch the numbers, it adds up to around 104 million drivers nationwide.

The survey discovered that drivers willingly admitted to a cluster of other dangerous behaviors:

  • Yelling at another driver: 47 percent (95 million drivers)
  • Honking to show annoyance or anger: 45 percent (91 million drivers)
  • Making angry gestures: 33 percent (67 million drivers)
  • Trying to block another vehicle from changing lanes: 24 percent (49 million drivers)
  • Cutting off another vehicle on purpose: 12 percent (24 million drivers)
  • Getting out of the vehicle to confront another driver: 4 percent (7.6 million drivers)
  • Bumping or ramming another vehicle on purpose: 3 percent (5.7 million drivers)

Roughly 2,700 drivers were surveyed for the study and the most aggressive drivers were found to be between the ages of 19 and 39. Los Angeles car accident lawyers say that age group also drives the most in Southern California.

“Road rage is a serious problem on Los Angeles streets and we’re urging drivers not to let their emotions take the wheel,” Sheehan said. “Almost every driver has made a mistake or two and that one mistake isn’t worth causing an accident.”

At The Barnes Firm, a car crash lawyer in Los Angeles can help injured victims file an injury claim – they’ve been helping victims recover from crashes in Southern California since 2013, including road rage incidents. To avoid a car accident or possible legal action against you, the lawyers at The Barnes Firm offer these simple tips:

  • Try not to be offended by other drivers or their habits
  • Be tolerant of other drivers
  • Avoid engaging with angry drivers
  • If a crash does occur, take deep breaths and call 911 if anyone has been injured

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