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Despite Safety Tech, Crashes Are Up

LOS ANGELES – As automakers begin rolling-out their 2018 models, new safety tech is one of the prominent selling points. More cars will come with back-up cameras as a standard option, automatic braking systems will be more prevalent and carmakers will continue to release automated features that promise to improve road safety.

Despite the new tech, safety advocates are concerned and some are predicting that Labor Day weekend could be the deadliest since 2008. An analysis conducted by the National Safety Council determined that crash death rates have been increasing since 2014 and if their predictions are correct, more than 400 people could fall victim to deadly car crashes over the three-day holiday weekend.

According to a car accident attorney Los Angeles traffic accidents impact hundreds of people each day, and about 2.2 million Americans have already been seriously injured in a crash this year. Why? It’s likely due to a traffic boom.

“With an improved economy, people are driving more in Los Angeles,” car accident lawyer John Sheehan said. “With more people on the road, the risk of a crash goes up.”

Some states, like Florida, have recorded a 43 percent jump in the number of deadly car crashes. And collisions in at least six other states have increased by more than 20 percent, according to the council.

L.A. car accident lawyers say most safety features are functioning properly in the newest models but crashes are increasing because of other technology that usually doesn’t come with your car purchase.

“Many cars are now being equipped with blind spot warnings, more cameras and more airbags but despite these safety features, crash numbers continue to rise,” Sheehan said. “Distracted driving is a major reason for that and when drivers aren’t paying attention, they’re not just putting their own lives at risk, they’re putting the lives of others at risk too.”

Ten years ago, people were just being introduced to smartphones and each year, more and more Americans purchase a handheld communications device. Everyone knows it’s dangerous to use a mobile device while driving but millions of drivers do it anyway. As a result, injuries stemming from car crashes have spiked.

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